Telme Pasteurizer

EVOPASTO, the automatic pasteurizer of TELME, made of high quality materials and components, preserves the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients. For the indirect thermal treatments, a food-like, thermolitizing liquid is used.

This results in further advantages:
– higher yield of the aromatic substances.
– Hydration of the stabilizers and the dry mass.
– dissolving the sugars.
– liquefaction and uniform suspension of the fats in the mixture.
– A more stable emulsion.
The thermal treatment of the mixture consists of heating to 85 ° C. and subsequent cooling to 4 ° C. The cycle must be carried out quickly. The lid can be opened to add ingredients at any time. All parts that come into contact with the product are completely removable for daily maintenance. The dispensing tap with built-in wash system ensures perfect and lasting hygiene after each removal and at the end of the operation. The devices are equipped with “intelligent” control, which repeats the pasteurizing cycle, if necessary, in case of power failure.