Telme HBF Kombiger├Ąte

HBF COMBI are ideal for making ice cream with a special recipe, such as, for example,
Chocolate in different versions: white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, etc.
– Heating boil with a capacity capable of preparing large quantities for each type or a milk base of a syrup for the fruit ice.
– Allow separate heating and cooling devices simultaneous heating and freezing.
– You are preparing higher volumes than other devices same rated power.
– Efficient and fast processing cycles.
– increase in volume by about 40% and considerable Creaminess of the ice cream.
– The product is output efficiently and completely.
– Ice cream with optimal structure and spreadability.
– Large storage space for trays and containers. she is and is equipped with a lattice that allows the Bottom of the bowls or containers keeps clean.